the cast

I present to you a Handy-Dandy Cheat Sheet for the recurring cast of characters appearing regularly in the drama that is my life.  🙂


“James” — Love of my life.  We met professionally in 1998 and went on our first date in September 2010.  For more than two years after that, we were off-and-on.  And off.  And on. There were a million reasons why I couldn’t seem to let him go, and a couple why we couldn’t seem to be together.  In December of 2012, all that changed, and in January 2013 we moved in together.  In April 2013, we purchased a home and officially began blending our families.   On Christmas Day, 2015, we became engaged.  And so our story continues…

“Sabrina” — My 15-year-old daughter.  Super smart.  Super sensitive.  Trying hard to figure out how to be a know-it-all teenager and still stay mommy’s-little-girl.

“Bryn” — My 12-year-old daughter.  A huge personality in a little girl’s body.  A natural leader, awesome snuggler, and fearless gymnast.

“Jay” — James’ 15-year-old son.  A super high-achiever and typically awkward young man.  Handsome, considerate, and sensitive, he is the son I never had and never knew how much I wanted.

“Chelsea” — James’ 13-year-old daughter.  Outspoken, beautiful, and the heart of our family, she keeps everyone honest and amazes us with her tenacity.

“Chloe” — James’ 10-year-old daughter.  A beautiful blond who is prouder of her natural smarts than her unmistakable beauty. My shadow and baby.

“Taylor” — James’ 23-year-old daughter.  Despite my best efforts to make her feel included and welcome, I am relegated to the frozen tundra of “step-motherhood.”

“Bryce” — My ex-husband.  A basically good guy who simply wasn’t the right good guy for me.  Nor was I the right good woman for him.

“Mariah” — My ex-husband’s new wife.  She loves my ex-husband and his money, but makes my girls feel pointedly unwelcome in their house.  It hurts my heart, and I struggle to deal with it.

“Carnie” — James’ ex-wife.  A mostly emotionally unstable and mean-spirited person that keeps us counting the minutes until Chloe is 18 and our contact with Carnie can cease entirely.

Friends that Might As Well Be Family

“Annie” — My closest friend in town.  Our friendship bloomed as our marriages were crashing.  We have shared more tears than either of us care to remember, but now we celebrate each other’s little victories.  (Ex-husband:  Bruce)

“Katrina” — My best friend since middle school (although we met in elementary school).  Pretty much every major adolescent and adult milestone we have shared.  We’re closer than most sisters.

“Caitlyn” — Dearest friend from college.  My touchstone.  When I am lost, I always find myself in her guest room.

“Seamus” — A long-distance friend who shares some of my same struggles and is an excellent listener and sounding board.  He is also a keen supplier of effective pep talks.

“Kathryn” — A friend from high school who still lives near my hometown and is a texting buddy.  She centers and grounds me and supports me so that I can breathe when I don’t know which way is up.

“Laela” — Best girl friend from law school.  Glamorous, brilliant, and wildly successful resident of the Upper West Side.  Soul sister extraordinaire.  I am in awe of her wisdom and her heart.  She inspires me every day.

The Men In My Previous Life

“K.C.” — My much younger ex-boyfriend (post-divorce) and subsequent dear friend.  He was my Knight in Shining Armor when the world felt like it was crashing in.   Usually it’s my ego that he rescued.

Pete —  Ex-boyfriend and an all-around good guy.  A really good example of how someone can be good and still not be right for you.

Mike — First boyfriend after my marriage ended.  Scoundrel.  Liar.  Heartless heartbreaker.  Feel free to add any derogatory adjectives here _______________.  They’ll probably apply.

Plenty of wonderful people were left off this list, but I tried to confine it to those who make frequent or regular appearances in my posts.  Given that, it will likely change as life moves on, so check back if you get lost.


5 responses to “the cast

  1. I’ve known a few “Pete’s” in my life. I’ve had a lot of good guys, but never a great guy.
    I like your blog by the way:)

  2. I appreciate you re-blogging my posts. Feel free to continue. I would love it if you would consider reading my soon to be published book and writing a review on Amazon. It would help you because you can put a link to your site at the end of the review

  3. Cee Cee

    Hi. My husband shares this loser’s full name and city. He has been running into problems when potential employers google him and find this blog. Is there any way you would consider removing this post since it is from a few years ago? I will provide you with my contact info so you can see that my Tom is not the same person as this jerk. Please let me know asap.


    • You didn’t say, but I assume that you mean Thomas Murray? If so, I’m very sorry, but I absolutely can’t pull those blog posts down. Even now, all this time later, I still receive emails from women who have uncovered his ruse through this blog, and that alone is worth the website fee. There are pictures of him on the post pages, so no one should be confusing your husband with him very easily. In fact, I’m surprised that there is any confusion at all.

      But, assuming that you are an honest person, I will say that if such confusion is occurring to your husband’s detriment, I’m very sorry. Good luck to you.

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