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i’d like to thank the academy…

I don’t usually play the blogger award game, but I’ve decided to be a good sport this time and simply appreciate the compliment and pay the compliment forward.

So, the rules are simple, apparently.  First, I have to fly the little “Liebster Blog” award banner.  Done.

Next, I am to link back to the  blogger who nominated me for this award.  That would be Cali Dreamer Girl, who writes a blog called “Odd Things in Cali Besides My Family” (is that a brilliant name or what? Or maybe that’s just me, since so much of my very odd family also lives in Cali…).  Anyway, I am particularly honored that Cali Dreamer Girl selected me because she represents one of my favorite reader segments — the women who find common ground with me, despite us leading very different lives.  I love, love, love how unifying the human experience is.  How similar our hopes and dreams and feelings are, no matter our hobbies or education or geographical location or age or interests…. this journey we’re all on has more similarities than differences and I am reminded of that time and again in the virtual world of blogs.  And I love it.  🙂

(Okay, sorry for the sappy interlude there, but aren’t you supposed to get all choked up and waffle on too long during your awards acceptance speech?  I kinda thought that was expected…)

Anyway, the last part of the award process is that I need to nominate five other bloggers to pass this award off to.  This is the step that usually puts me off doing these awards.  Having to pick just a few seems so cruel to me!  I love so many!  It’s the same itchy, uncomfortable feeling I get when someone asks me what my favorite color or flavor of ice cream is!  Ugh!  But I have decided to pick the five who from whom I am learning the most right at this moment in my life.  So, here are  my choices for today, in no particular order, along with my reasons:

1.  My Journey My Rules.  Over the last six months, I’ve watched Tiff navigate her life and make some major life changes that have opened the best of all doors for her.  She is genuine and strong and she inspires me with how clearly she seems to see and accept herself.  She just doesn’t seem to have the same barriers and denials that most of us do. She owns her crap more honestly than just about any blogger I follow, and I am in awe of that.  Tiff’s upbeat and down-to-earth prose grounds me everytime.

2.  Mother Interrupted.  Her sometimes shockingly frank writing amazes me.  She writes candidly and with humor about issues that many of us wouldn’t touch.  She’s bold, and articulate, and clever, and personal, without ever seeming to go for the shock value of any of it.  Abundantly real.  Absolutely wonderful.

3.  Bloom Anyway.  How can you not love the idea for this blog? Life is falling apart, but I’m going to find a way to bloom anyway.  Her blog, accompanied by some gorgeous photos that are her own, has inspired me.  Her name is Lisa and she writes of her husband’s infidelity, addiction, and their attempts to knit their marriage back together with an honesty so heart-wrenching, I sometimes I have to save her posts for when I’m alone, lest I get overcome.  I am routing for Lisa as she picks up the pieces of her shattered marriage and moves forward into the unknown.

4. Another Beautiful Day in Chaos.  Oddly enough, my old friend <insert sarcasm here> Thomas Murray, introduced me to Jenni’s blog about a year ago.  I came late to her party, and, to be honest, while her writing blew me away immediately, I did not immediately relate to her. She’s younger than me by many years and our lives are very different in many ways.  However, something kept me coming back and what I discovered (along with many thousands of other readers) is an authenticity and vulnerability that is both touching and inspiring.    Jenni holds almost nothing back from her readers and the ensuing intimacy she establishes with them is real and powerful.  It’s no wonder she has the massive following she does.

5.  The Edmonton Tourist.  The first thing I like about this blog is its premise — the idea of being a tourist in your life, taking more risks, being more aware and more stimulated and more curious, just like we are when we’re in a strange place or strange circumstances.  I love her dry humor and constant ability to reach for the silver lining, without being self-righteous about it.  E.T. has the kind of presence and poise about her — and her writing — that I suspect would draw me to her as a friend were we to ever meet.

So there you have it.  My five for now.

By the way, I recognize that this list is lacking in male bloggers and for that I sincerely apologize.  I do follow a handful of male writers, and enjoy them greatly, but these are the five I’m putting forward this time.  Maybe next time I’ll have a “male writers only” list!  🙂

In the meantime, happy reading!  Enjoy the literary buffet I’m offering.  And thank you again, Cali Dreamer Girl, for the compliment and kind words on your blog.  I’ll keep writing if you keep reading….  🙂



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