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the best thing I can say about thomas murray? he has a lovely daughter….

Today, as I was juggling getting Bryn off to soccer and Sabrina off to her dad’s with the nanny, I heard a familiar ping on my iPhone.  To my shock, this is the comment that I was being asked to … Continue reading


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thomas murray: the bad penny who always turns up

In the midst of a weekend of unexpected encounters, this appeared on my blog comment list for my post thomas murray:  a cautionary tale: “honestly, you are a c*nt… most of us can’t belive you since you are lostin the … Continue reading

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welcome back, thomas murray… or shall I call you “TJ” now?

Nothing would make me happier than to never mention his name again. But he leaves me no choice. Thomas Murray has resurfaced.  A few days ago, I received this comment on the post “thomas murray, epilogue“: Well, it was June … Continue reading


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thomas murray, epilogue

I have been waiting to write this post until the sad missives stopped arriving, and I believe that day has finally come.  The stream of emails to my inbox from hurt or deceived women has ceased.  Jenni is healing and … Continue reading


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thomas murray, redux

Wow. I sit here at my desk, feeling incredulity, disgust, and sadness in equal measures. Yesterday, I received an email from another WordPress blogger, PDX Running Chick, notifying me that one of her friends had forwarded my earlier Thomas Murray … Continue reading


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thomas murray: a cautionary tale

I suppose I have known for nearly a year that this post was coming, but a part of me hoped not.  Then again, I suffered through Mike Boot-Camp, so I guess I know a cad and a charlatan when I … Continue reading


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me, too.

When I began this blog in February of 2011, my mantra was to live an authentic life and to manifest that intention here, in writing and sharing.  Living authentically sounds nice and good and pretty simple, and it is all … Continue reading


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i’d like to thank the academy…

I don’t usually play the blogger award game, but I’ve decided to be a good sport this time and simply appreciate the compliment and pay the compliment forward. So, the rules are simple, apparently.  First, I have to fly the … Continue reading


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