men: read this… we’re begging you….

Apparently men have a hard time figuring women out. 

I don’t understand this, but I have accepted it.  So, as my public service for today, I point you to a brilliant article by a relationship counselor who summarizes it more clearly and succinctly than I ever could.

Read it.  Study it.  Be it.


(Oh, and ladies, you can address your thank you notes to…..  😉 )

19 Things Women Wished Men Knew About Sex and Relationships



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6 responses to “men: read this… we’re begging you….

  1. great great post!! its high time men knew these things.. 😀

  2. pheartstring

    I’m passing this on! Men need to know this stuff!

  3. I am writing this BEFORE I go and read the LONG list you’ve linked to, and accept in full any embarrassment that comes from writing this first!

    A few hours ago, I read the post you intended for wives/women. It had ONE item in the list. I thought life was good and simple because it seemed one small change and everyone can be happy.

    Silly me!

    NOW I learn that men have to do NINETEEN things to make you women happy! And you women wonder why men die early… *sigh* 🙂

    • SD, I suspect that you will not find much in that post to enlighten you. However, perhaps some of your, ahem, “friends” could benefit from it? 😉

      And of course we have 19 things and you have 1. Multi-tasking, remember?!

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