ladies: read this…. your man will love you for it

I have the benefit of several great male friends.  Some I have known for what seems like an eternity; others for only a few years.  Some have graduate degrees, others high school diplomas.  Some are married, others are not.  Some live on the coasts, others in the middle.

And they all have the same, identical primary complaint in their relationships.  I have heard it so much that I am sick to death of it.  This is why good men leave.  Or why they stay and resign themselves to terminal sadness and/or frustration.

Here it is.  Read it.  Learn it.  Don’t do it.


The #1 Mistake Most Wives Make



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3 responses to “ladies: read this…. your man will love you for it

  1. mysterycoach

    I liked the response by the guy Kdaddy23 who said everyone had to step it up. The coach, I can see where he’s coming from at the same time not all men are created equal as well. Kdaddy23 points out that men also have to keep up their end as well and be helpful and supportive. It’s circular both doing their best to keep working on the relationship. One person can’t handle that alone.

    We, I believe, loosely define good men and women all the time. The thing is, we’re not living there and don’t know the dynamics of these relationships. Only what she or he said. He has some valid points, at the same time, there are always variables. This is one of the reasons why i got out of coaching. Or, now, maybe why I need to continue resuming getting back in, this guy makes it all about one thing (so it seems). Kdaddy23, encompassed everyone as a whole, both, together. Coach guy there, he wouldn’t bend even a little bit.

    I completely agree with not ignoring one another and making the time for intimacy and being together. I can see that 150%. Anthony Robbins has wonderful programs which talk about figuring ourselves out and how we contribute to the relationships we are in, in our lives. Then there are other really good books. I keep reading 🙂

    Coach guy there has a good idea, he’s making it sound so stiff … (pun intended LOL) which is this “thing” I’ve seen coaches do. They have to be the all knowing Oz and write all these good articles. If you notice, he starts to defend his ideas toward the end after the one woman writes. That’s not mutuality from someone, it’s he’s got to now prove he’s the expert. aaagh… 🙂

    Again, I can agree definitely with the idea of making more time for one another, communication and mutuality, etc. Absolutely but I like Kdaddy23’s open discussion about it quite a bit.

  2. Hey Mysterycoach. Clearly you did not read all of my comments. I agreed that there are jerky guys out there who don’t pull their load when it comes to housework, especially if both people are working. I also said that I took guys on in my blog for their insensitivity.

    Also, Rob is admittedly bisexual and has more options for sex than straight guys do, so it is not fair to compare a guy who swings both ways with a guy who has only one option for sexual relief other than masturbation. The point if is you make a man masturbate alone, he resents you for it which was the whole point of the article

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