insomnia and Adele

It is now 3:06 AM.  I have to “wake up” in precisely 4 hours, work a 14-hour day, then return home to my children and attempt — again — to get a decent night’s sleep.

Earlier tonight, I actually dozed off for some period of time before a sound through my open window awoke me.  I surfaced from my restless sleep with this song by Adele playing through my head.  It reminded me that I have finally learned how to burn CDs on my new computer and I’d promised James that I’d make him a copy of Adele’s album.

Such are the useful and productive and comforting thoughts that taunt me at 3:00 AM.



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One response to “insomnia and Adele

  1. Mmm, devastating song isn’t it?
    Sleepless in France x

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