what’s in a name?

Have you ever noticed how people with certain names seem to reappear frequently in your life?  I definitely seem to attract lots of people with similar names and it seems like other people do, too.  I’ve noticed that when you look at people’s Facebook friend list, you tend to see different groupings of similar-sounding names.

I dated a guy once who had a thing for Saras.  His family even named them Sara 1, Sarah 2, and Sera 3.  No kidding.

James has way too many varieties of Carries in his life.  Sometimes we’ll be minutes into a conversation before I realize we’re talking about two different people.

For friends, I have always had a Christine/Christina/Kristen or two around, and there’s usually a Jill in the mix.  Amys tend to show up in my life to do the heavy lifting during a time of crisis.  I mentor Stephanies, and Kathys are long-distance soul-mates. Jesses are constant presences at the edges of my friendship galaxy, and Steves make me laugh.

On the flip side, Lauras usually despise me at first sight and do their best to make my life miserable, although there are two very strong exceptions to this long-standing rule.  All variety of Dianes seem rub me the wrong way, and Davids and I rarely hit it off.

On the boyfriend front, after my separation I went through a ridiculous period of attracting what seemed to be every Brian on match.com.  My friends and I gave them numbers, too (like the Saras).  In fact, nearly two years later, one who still keeps in touch occasionally has retained the moniker of “Brian 3.”   I have abysmal luck with Toms (lots of sweet-talk, very little substance), and Michaels play cat-and-mouse with my heart.

I have no idea why these groupings occur, but I do find it rather amusing.  Perhaps someday scientists will discover that certain names create gravity fields for one another.

Anyway, I need to go.  Amy is calling and a text from Christine just came in.



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2 responses to “what’s in a name?

  1. I have never thought about the connection between certain names and myself, but I *do* have a running list of names and personalities to go with them. One of these days, I’ll get around to writing about them….

    In my case, having a unique name (as in, I have *never* ever met a single person with my name) like mine, I can’t say that I attract a certain name, although all my adult female besties have had names that ended in “y” with the “e” sound. An observation on that is that they are all generally at least 6 years older than I am (most of them are at least 8 years older), which makes me think this may just be a generational popular naming thing.

    Will have to think about this and analyze the data waiting to be revealed on my friends list…. 🙂

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