plan b

Guilt seems to be a common theme around me right now…. I am watching several people struggle with some large and small “what ifs” that can be paralyzing and self-defeating.  I truly believe that most people are simply doing their best most of the time, and the lashings we give ourselves for our failings typically surpass anything an unbiased observer would render.

Before I left my husband, I received a gentle revelation from an unexpected source who knew nothing of my anguish.  It came in the form of a small print (which I later framed), and when I read it, it was like a balm for my aching soul.  It reminded me that, quite simply, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we had planned.  Life isn’t neat.  It doesn’t play by the rules.  Sometimes it throws all the rules out the window and leaves you wondering what the hell just happened.  And that’s when the really important stuff happens… what we do next…. how we manage “Plan B.”

I offer it today for anyone struggling with their own Plan B.   Here it is:

Plan B

Plan A is always my first choice.

You know, the one where everything works out to be happily ever-after.  But more often than not, I find myself dealing with the upside-down, inside-out version, where nothing goes as it should.  It’s at this point that the real test of my character comes in…  Do I sink, or do I swim?  Do I wallow in self-pity and play the victim, or simply shift gears and make the best of the situation?

The choice is all mine…

Life is all about how you handle Plan B.

(Author Unknown)


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  1. I found myself in a similar situation to you. It’s like you have your whole life planned out. And its scary to leave those plans. But it totally wasn’t worth staying in them if you were going to be miserable. And you know what? If you were miserable, everyone else around you was going to be, too. We all have to allow ourselves to feel every emotion that touches us, including the unpleasant ones like guilt, but we can’t allow them to consume us. We experience them, learn from them, and move on.

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